Welcomed by ACR+ member Eastern Midlands Waste Region, currently co-holding the vice-presidency of the network, members of ACR+ gathered in the Irish capital for three days dedicated to circular economy. If the main event for the participants was the annual General Assembly on 31 May, they also joined the Circular Economy Hotspot 2023 and the Awards Ceremony of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2022 on 1 June.

Keynote speeches and interactive discussion groups during the general assembly highlighted the importance of continuing to work hand in hand to achieve a truly circular transformation. During the interactive session, ACR+ members exchanged on the five working themes that have been adopted at the beginning of the year: Built Environment, Sustainable Food Systems, Circular Lifestyles, Policy and Governance, and Waste and Material Flows. For each theme, they shared their vision, their current activities, and how the network can further support them.
In 2024, ACR+ will be celebrating its 30th anniversary and has already started to prepare for the special reunion that will take place.
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