On 18 June, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) celebrated its annual awards ceremony, honouring the most outstanding actions from the 2023 campaign. Held in sunny Marseille, the event brought together around 200 participants, including numerous EWWR coordinators and action developers. Åsa Ågren Wikström from the Committee of the Regions and Françoise Bonnet, Secretary General at ACR+, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome. 

The ceremony featured presentations of notable local initiatives, such as "Clean my Calanques," a Marseille-based association focused on environmental preservation, presented by Eric Akopian. The event highlighted winners across several categories, including Public Administration, Business, and Associations/NGOs. The educational establishment and citizen categories also showcased impressive initiatives, reflecting the collective efforts towards waste reduction. 

Learn more about the winners here. 
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