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ACR+ member CITEO has launched a new initiative “CITEO perspective” that aims to anticipate development and identify material and recycling innovations, develop eco-design and recyclability of packaging and paper, conduct multi-stakeholder R&D projects and share information and results of these actions.

Structured around several annual highlights, the program will develop the recyclability of packaging and paper and share information and innovative results through calls for multi-stakeholder R&D projects. As the first highlight of the initiative, an information day was organised on 5 April 2018 on the recyclability of plastic packaging that is not yet integrated into recycling channels and for which solutions can be developed.

The calls for projects launched in 2015 to improve the recyclability of plastic packaging are part of this approach. As part of this framework, 8 R&D projects have been studied and are now delivering their lessons. They address 3 key issues:

  • Supporting the transition from multi-material to single-material packaging;
  • Promoting the development of one-single component trays;
  • Making dark packaging noticeable in sorting centres.

To find out more about the initiative, consult the CITEO perspective section.

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