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ACR+ member Île-de-France region is currently developing the regional plan for waste prevention that promotes the transition from the linear to circular economy, which is seen as having a great development potential in a region which imports 80% of the materials used and produces 40 million tonnes of waste annually. Thereby, the region supports the circular economy initiatives promoting reuse and recycling.  Since 2016, the region has invested 10 million euros in 100 circular economy projects in the areas of sustainable consumption, reuse and recycling. The amount was distributed accordingly:

  • 7.2 million euros for 55 projects promoting recycling;
  • 804.000 euros for 18 projects promoting sustainable consumption, which includes the fight against food waste;
  • 1.2 million euros for 24 projects promoting reuse and repair and thereby extending the products’ life.

Source: www.iledefrance.fr (in French)

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