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Following a public consultation involving more than 50,000 participants, ACR+ member Nantes Métropole presented a roadmap for the city’s transition. A part of this strategy, stating Nantes Métropole’s ambitions and commitments for its energy transition, addresses the shift from a linear to circular economy model. The roadmap sets the ambition to ensure that less than 20% of household waste per capita will be produced in 2013. For that, five key measures have been identified:

  • Guaranteeing that 100%  of the inhabitants have access to bio-waste (food and garden) sorting at source by 2025. This means supporting collective composting (having 1 composter for 1,200 inhabitants and ensuring that every household has access to a composter within 500 metre radius), individual composting and collective plants shredding.  A feasibility study for bio-waste collection will also be conducted during 2018 for one neighbourhood and experimented in 2019;Supporting reuse and repair at local level. For example, by integrating systematically reuse targets in the realisation of the new installation (recycling yards, ecopoints) to reach the target of 1 reuse centre or reuse area in the recycling yards for 25,000 inhabitants;
  • Transforming waste into a renewable energy;
  • Intensifying the fight against food waste by reducing it by half in 2025 and by five times in 2030 the food wasted on the territory;
  • Improving waste-sorting practices, for example by extending selective sorting to all plastic packaging waste by 2022 and reinforcing prevention and awareness raising communication campaigns.

For more information, read the full roadmap here.

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