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ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland announced funding of over 3 million pounds for four projects comprising a ground-breaking new plastics recycling partnership, Project Beacon, which has the potential to recycle all plastics in Scotland and beyond. Project Beacon is lighting the way to a circular world of complete plastics recycling thanks to new technologies and an innovative integrated approach, and is backed by 1.7 million pounds from Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Investment Fund.
The system that is being currently developed uses new state-of-the-art separation systems to support mechanical recycling fused with a game-changing chemical feedstock recycling process. This includes a patented process based on thermal cracking, which recycles end-of-life plastic waste that typically cannot be recycled using mechanical methods – for example, mixed, laminated, black, film and even contaminated plastic waste, as well as hard plastics. This new process produces a range of chemical constituents that can be used to create new virgin plastics, or other chemical products. It is intended that the first demonstration facility will be in operation later in 2018.


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