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ACR+ member OVAM announced that as of 1 June 2018 Flemish businesses are obliged to sort plastic films (foils), hard plastics and polystyrene separately, in addition to the 18 other compulsory streams. With this selective collection, Flanders aims to reduce plastic contamination.

Before introducing a change, OVAM carried out an analysis of the sorting process of the industrial waste figures for the year 2016, which showed that 10 to 15% of the company's residual waste consists of plastics. The total amount of industrial waste amounted to 1,080,000 tonnes. The selective collection of films, hard plastics and polystyrene will make it possible to improve the recycling figures. The amount of industrial waste from 2016 that received a second life through reuse, recycling, composting or use as a new raw material amounted to 77%.

Sources: www.ovam.be and www.nieuwsblad.be (in Dutch)

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