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ACR+ member Lisbon has signed the Charter of Commitments for Sustainable Resource Management and Circular Economy initiated by the URBAN-WASTE project.

The Charter of Commitment represents a manifesto aimed at local and regional authorities who want to express their intentions to adapt their tourism sector to the given environmental capacities of the area of interest and further develop and enrich their tourism offer with eco-innovative strategies and measures which will turn tourism more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. This charter reflects local and regional authorities’ intentions to reducing waste generation by tourists and tourism service providers and improving waste management practices.

The Charter is open to every tourist city and region or European public authority which is willing to commit to these values of sustainable tourism. Launched in January 2018, the Charter is also supported by the Interreg Med BLUEISLANDS project which gathers numerous islands in the Mediterranean basin around the issue of marine litter and other waste management related issues.
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