ACR+ member EMULSA has been developing in recent years initiatives to promote in Gijón the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste as a commitment to the circular economy. Thus, it has lately presented an application for mobile phones "ReusApp" that will facilitate the reuse, among citizens, of materials before they become waste. A “Sustainable and Circular Gijón Map” has also been created.

The "ReusApp" will serve as a free point of exchange for people willing to get rid of those materials used but in good condition or with some small defect, to exchange them with people who can give them a second life. The App, which can be downloaded for free, has a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates deposits or requests. It will be moderated by EMULSA and will be associated to a storage and collection space at one of the Clean Points of the city. Users can get rid of maximum 2 objects per year (5 if the person has the social card of Gijón).

The “Sustainable and Circular Gijón Map” promotes businesses identified as sustainable and whose main activity supports the circular economy. Following a fieldwork carried out by EMULSA, 92 businesses (such as repair shops, second hand sales, etc.)  have been included. The map can be browsed by type of trade/category or by key-word.
Source: http://cuidadoambiental.gijon.es (in Spanish)


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