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ACR+ member Madrid Municipality has initially approved and published in its Official Journal its Waste Reduction Strategy 2018-2022 which will now be submitted to public information during a month.

One of the strategic objectives is the implementation of a waste management model based on citizens’ participation, the inclusion of all economic sectors, the transformation of waste into resources, and a move led by Madrid Municipality towards a circular economy and zero waste. It also seeks to raise awareness about the cost of waste management and implement economic instruments that encourage prevention, reuse and recycling.

In addition, the strategy will promote the reduction of urban waste and support sustainable production, repair and reuse and responsible consumption. Madrid will seek to implement a selective collection of organic waste for 100% of citizens and businesses in the city.

Last but not least, Madrid has set a 50% reduction in incineration in 2022, with the aim of getting rid of it by 2025. A closure plan will be drawn up, at the end of the term of the incinerator contract, which will study in depth the needs, infrastructures and services necessary for the establishment of zero waste and the circular economy.

Source: https://diario.madrid.es (in Spanish)

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