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ACR+ member Barcelona Municipality has approved its new cleaning and waste collection contract, for the upcoming 8 years. The contract, which will come into force in the autumn of 2020, is the most important tool of the zero waste strategy promoted by the municipal government. To make waste collection and management more efficient, the new contract will adapt to the urban characteristics and uses of the different neighbourhoods, with measures to improve the existing service. The goals of the zero waste strategy are, on one hand, to reduce the generation of waste by the public from 1.3 kg per head per day down to 1.2 kg, and on the other hand, to increase selective waste collection from 36% to 60%.

Regarding waste collection, the contract aims at making a qualitative and quantitative leap in the recycling of waste. For that, amongst other measures, the contract includes the progressive introduction of door-to-door collection in different neighbourhoods of the city. An assessment will be made to identify the parts of the city where the model already implemented in the historical centre of Sarrià could be implemented, adapted to the typology of the area. The door-to-door collection of commercial waste will also be extended to ensure a higher quality and include 1,000 additional establishments generating organic waste. The collection model will keep the same five categories currently used, with more capacity for the container for metal and all types of plastics. A new alternative system will be introduced in the areas with few containers (such as historical centre, pedestrian zone, etc). New technological elements will be added to gain information on the use of containers and to improve waste collection and management.

Sources: www.barcelona.cat and http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat (in Catalan)

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