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On 23 November 2018, ACR+ member Region Sud launched its regional campaign “Zero Plastic Waste”. It aims to give a zero plastic waste approach to all the policies and fields of intervention of the region with the objective of actively fighting against marine litter, valorise all the plastic waste produced annually by the region and support the development of recycling and eco-conception. Several initiatives have already been implemented, in the framework of the regional climate plan, launched in 2017.

In 2018, the region allocated 20% of its budget to this climate plan, making environment a priority and aiming to become a leading region when it comes to environmental issues. The Region Sud is the first region in France to tackle plastic waste by dedicating an additional budget of 2 million euros to support alternative solutions to plastic: depolluting of the Mediterranean Sea, replacing plastics by recyclable materials in agriculture, replacing plastic straws and bottles, etc.

Additional actions will take place as of 2019 such as implementing a zero plastics policy at schools under the Region’s responsibility or increasing the bonus given to taxi drivers for acquiring hybrid or electric vehicles.

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