Four Walloon municipalities, Namur, Juprelle, Les-Bons-Villers and La Calamine, started a one-year pilot project of connected bins. Supported by ACR+ member Wallonia, this project is built on acquiring and using public waste bins with sensors inside.

These sensors will inform the authorities when the bin is full or when it is broken. It will then program a “smart” route for the waste collection. Waste collection system will be reorganised based on this system with the aim of reaching a greater efficiency and management.

This system would also prevent people from littering waste on the ground around the bins, making the streets and parks more attractive.

The first phase, dedicated to information and training, will be over in December 2018. The next phase, starting from January 2019, until the end of the test in September 2019, will focus on data collection.

Source: (in French)

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