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Since the extension of its territory in 2009, ACR+ member DECOSET is in charge of the treatment of waste collected by Toulouse Métropole – representing 37 communes over 153 communes for the whole DECOSET territory. In November 2018, Toulouse Métropole published its Household and assimilated waste prevention plan 2018-2024 which encompasses several actions, some to be led in cooperation with DECOSET mainly regarding recycling centres. This strategy follows a first plan (2012-2017) which saw a decrease of 19kg in the production of household and assimilated waste per inhabitant. It foresees the continuation of actions already started in the previous plan – such as composting (individual, shared, for canteens), the fight against food waste, stop pub, used textile collection – and new actions to reply to the objectives set regarding the reduction of door-to-door collection of garden and bulky waste and of the waste brought to recycling centres. The main objective, in terms of quantities, is a decrease of 11% of household and assimilated waste by 2024, compared to 2010, that is a production of 420kg per inhabitant.

To accompany this new plan, Toulouse Métropole has also published a study on the current situation on its territory. The document includes data on the quantities collected and their evolution, on the composition of household and assimilated waste produced by Toulouse Métropole inhabitants, and on citizens’ behaviour regarding waste reduction. In addition, it looks back at the actions implemented in the framework of the first plan and at how waste is valorised on the territory and analyses weaknesses and opportunities regarding waste prevention for Toulouse Métropole. A section on DECOSET and its label as a zero waste territory is also included, especially regarding the waste and circular economy objectives contract made with ADEME.

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