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ACR+ member Region Sud has published online reports on two workshops organised in the framework of the LIFE Integrated Project “Smart Waste”. 

The first report summarises the workshop on “How to promote re-employment in waste centres?”, which took place on 25 September 2018. Participants of the workshop concluded that there is a need to re-think the concept of waste centres, the communication among stakeholders, and that the mission of the waste centres should be enhanced through innovative concepts.

The second report is on “How to improve the management of waste on the zones of activities in a dynamics of circular economy?”. This workshop took place on 28 September 2018. It offered an overview of the territory’s objectives regarding waste management and insisted on the importance of informing businesses on their obligation to sort the five main waste streams and of mobilising diffusion relays such as professional federations or association of business parks. 

The LIFE Integrated Project “Smart Waste” project started in 2018 and aims for a region-wide transition towards an innovative, sustainable, inclusive and integrated circular economy. During a first phase around hundred concrete actions will be implemented by partners (such as replacing door-to-door collection with new bring banks). Then, two calls for projects will be launched targeting exemplary territories and economic actors. To strengthen the regional dynamic, the project foresees the organisation of 12 annual workshops around 6 priority themes linked to the actions implemented. The latest workshop took place on 4 December 2018 and focused on how to better arrange public space in order to improve waste sorting.

The online library is accessible here:

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