EMULSA developed in the last fortnight of December 2018 an awareness raising campaign about the start of the selective collection of bio-waste in the Western zone of Gijón covering 33,000 inhabitants in 15,300 homes. More than 8,100 citizens participated directly in some of the fifty activities developed in the streets by 8 environmental informators to explain the new collection system for the recycling of organic waste in the 170 lid containers brown installed in this area. EMULSA will continue expanding in Gijón the areas of separate collection of organic waste throughout 2019.
40% of the waste that citizens put in containers of non-recyclable fraction (the metallic greens of the "garbage") are organic and can be recycled in compost and biogas, which would reduce the waste destined to landfill and increase the rate of waste recycling.
Source: http://cuidadoambiental.gijon.es (in Spanish)

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