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Eight months after the installation of the first intelligent underground recycling containers in Brussels, ACR+ member Bruxelles Propreté (ABP) revealed on 5 March 2019 that their performance to date has been mixed.
The first eleven intelligent containers were inaugurated in Brussels in July 2018. Since then, the ABP identified two problems with the new containers: they did not discourage residents from dumping waste and users failed to comply with sorting instructions.

To remedy these initial pitfalls, the ABP will focus on prevention. Thus, the agency's teams are in regular contact with residents to increase awareness of appropriate waste selection practices. Conversely, ABP noted that the containers were a marked improvement as far as the aesthetics of the neighbourhood and the convenience of waste disposal are concerned.  
This type of assessment is particularly timely, seeing how similar containers will be introduced in seven other locations in Brussels this spring. 
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