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ACR+ member Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) will be financially supporting pilot projects for public procurement of innovation in the field of selective collection of municipal waste, with a maximum amount of EUR 10 million to finance 50% of the cost of pilot projects (through the European Regional Development Fund). It is expected that the selected pilot projects will contribute to a change of tendency in the management of municipal waste in Catalonia, with regard to the achievement of the objectives established in the PRECAT20. In particular, it should achieve the following:

  • Extend the results already achieved in areas with customized collection systems to territories more populated and to larger municipalities;
  • Introduce changes in the systems of selective collection for businesses, service activities, and those assimilated to municipal waste;
  • Set a transparent and accessible monitoring system, for waste producers to know the direct impact of their behaviour towards the indices of prevention and selective collection of their territory. This system should allow public administrations to access the information and adapt their actions based on the results and rethink the system to improve the efficiency of the public service, from the environmental, economic and social point of view.

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