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A set of recommendations directed at national policy makers has been published by the Circular PP project in which ACR+ members Aalborg and Rijkswaterstaat take part. Public procurement can be a powerful tool for creating demand for circular products and services. This does not happen automatically however, and needs strong policy signals. As such, Circular PP recommends the following:

  1. National Circular Economy (CE) strategies should have a clear link to the concept of circular public procurement, including a definition and objectives.
  2. Countries should examine the opportunities to make sustainable and circular public procurement more binding and develop appropriate indicators.
  3. Local pilots of procurement of circular products and solutions should be encouraged.
  4. Specific CPP criteria should be clearly included in the EU GPP criteria.
  5. Market dialogue and networking between procurers and different actors should be increased in order to develop new circular solutions and innovations on the market.

The full analysis can be found here. These recommendations, along with other outcomes from the Circular PP project will be presented at the Baltic Circular Procurement Congress (1-3rd September 2020). Register here to attend.


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