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The cooperating governments in the ACR+ member Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) are preparing for concrete agreements that can be made during the third edition of the MRA Sustainability Summit in October this year. In the run-up to this administrative summit, five agreements will be further explored and elaborated on, after which a maximum of four will be sealed in October.

Specifically, three Green Deals are being prepared for the Sustainability Summit in October this year:

  • Circular timber construction: the goal is to build at least 20% of new timber construction housing (with sustainable timber) from 2025 onwards;
  • Circular textiles: the aim is to process 25% of textiles in a circular way by 2025, e.g. by setting up a shared repair centre;
  • MRA Bicycle Metropolis: this agreement aims to stimulate the development of underlying services in addition to bicycle infrastructure.

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