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The success of the pilot test in Sarrià, where the door-to-door selective waste collection system has been in operation for almost three years and has boost the selective collection rate from 37.7% to 60%, encourages ACR+ member Barcelona Municipality to adopt this approach and to extend it to the whole city in the future.

A new door-to-door collection system with identification chips (to break anonymity) will be implemented in Sant Andreu de Palomar district. The deployment of this collection system will reach a total of 12,000 households (28,000 neighbours) and it will take place in two phases, the first starting on 24 May and the second in October 2021.

It is expected that this system will also land in Horta and Sant Antoni districts during 2021 and, if all goes as planned, in 2025 door-to-door collection will be the main collection system in the city. The objective is to increase the recycling rate from 38% to 55% by 2025 so as to comply with the European legislation.
Source: www.barcelona.cat (in Spanish)

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