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ACR+ member Greater Pamplona has presented the latest results of the waste collection pilots in Azpilagaña and Nuevo Artica. The data, which come from the last composition study carried out in March 2021, highlights that the average separate collection of organic matter has reached 52%.

An electronic card is used to open the organic and residual waste bins and the card is associated with each household and each opening is recorded. Whereas before the implementation of the card system, the collection of organic matter did not exceed 15%, it now stands at 64% in Azpilagaña and 43% in Nuevo Artica, which means an average of 52% in both areas. In addition, there has been an increase in the separate collection of packaging and paper and cardboard, as well as a 50% reduction in the weight of the residual waste fraction, which means a reduction of 50% of untreated waste to landfill.

Source: (in Spanish)

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