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Biomass and food (residual) flows have much to offer in the transformation to the circular economy. Recently, Flanders, including ACR+ member OVAM, was praised by the OECD as a leader in that transition to the circular economy. In order to maintain this leading position, OVAM wants to make even better use of the potential of biomass and food (residual) flows. That is why a new integral plan was drawn up, commissioned by the Flemish Minister for the Environment and the Flemish Minister for Agriculture, which offers solutions and outlines actions to ensure a well-coordinated policy.

The action plan sets out the policy for the next five years and focuses on three cycles: food losses and food waste from producer to consumer; biomass (residual) flows from green, nature, forest and landscape management; wood (residual) flows from industry and households.

Source: www.ovam.be (in Flemish)

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