Recycle Now – the communications campaign led by ACR+ member WRAP to boost household recycling – will start a three-month drive in March 2016 to capture more metal and glass material in the home. As part of the drive, a number of template promotional materials for local authorities, including a four-page leaflet, pull-up banners, posters, bus backs, vehicle livery and social media banners, have been made available. All of these promotional materials are downloadable and can be tailored to reflect a local authority’s services, allowing for a focus on recycling just glass, just metal or both.

Tips for residents featured on the posters include putting a bin or bag in the bathroom for recycling, as well as reminders that materials such as bedroom toiletries, tin cans in the kitchen and wine bottles in the lounge can all be recycled.

In addition, WRAP said it will make further promotional materials available, such as revised ‘how it is recycled’ animations both for cans and for glass bottles and jars, along with a series of ‘local benefit’ posters to supplement those already available for plastics, paper and card.

Source: www.letsrecycle.com
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