In a recent speech on the position of Italy in Europe with regards to advances in circular economy, Commissioner Karmenu Vella made a particular reference to the activities of ACR+ member Contarina.

Following the agreements on the EU Circular Economy Package and COP21, Karmenu Vella told the Environment and European Committees of the Chamber of Deputies at the Italian Senate that Italy is well placed to play a leading role in the shift to a circular economy.
Vella, the EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, stressed three key points:
  • That the Commission's Circular Economy Package is a very strong proposal that delivers economically as well as environmentally
  • That in a "post COP 21" world we have to make a shift to a more Circular Economy
  • That Italy is very well placed to play a leading role in this shift.
According to Vella the legislative package allows for a shift and gives support to public and private actors across the EU to develop long-term investment strategies – and is being backed with funding and financial instruments. Vella argued that the transition to a circular economy, in Italy and across the EU, will require not just innovation, but also investors. To ensure that new initiatives and new circular economy projects do not fall by the wayside, Vella noted that Commission’s is proposals for a range of support measures. For example, under Horizon 2020 a 650 million euro initiative called 'Industry 2020 in the circular economy' is intended to support innovative, large-scale demonstration projects. However, he added that more needs to be done to channel private sector funding towards these new opportunities. The Commissioner also stressed the importance of the new Italian law on the green economy, the Collegato ambientale, stating it could be a model for other Member States. He also noted examples such as ACR+ member Contarina in Treviso as great success stories which show the possibility of attaining very good results in a short space of time.

To read a transcript of Commissioner Vella’s speech click here.

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