ACR+ member OVAM, has recently released 2 new guides on home composting and setting up a re-use centre.

Home Composting – A Manual
Bio-waste is the most important fraction of municipal solid waste (MSW), and around half of municipal solid waste is biodegradable. Vlaco npo - the authority in Flanders in the field of (home) composting – has recently made available, in cooperation with the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) ‘A Manual on Home Composting’.

This detailed brochure not only provides reasons for why citizens should start home composting, but also explains the composting process and the different systems that can be used depending on the space and quantity of biodegradable household waste available. Additionally, it offers tips and tricks on how to produce good quality compost and the benefits of using homemade compost in your garden. This manual follows the Manual on School Composting issued last year.

Download the brochure here

How to start a Re-use Shop? An overview of more than two decade of re-use in Flanders
Currently in Flanders, 31 re-use centres operate a professional network of 124 Re-use shops which are very popular. 20 years ago the re-use centres were set up based on social initiatives. Re-usable goods were sorted out from the bulky waste citizens set out for kerbside collection, the re-usable goods were then resold cheaply. Quite early in the development of the Flemish re-use sector, the link was established between re-use, social employment and combating poverty. This link was recognized by the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) who then decided to integrate the re-use centres into the waste policy, particularly as a partner in waste prevention.

Nowadays, extending the lifespan of re-usable household goods through repairing, refurbishing, refreshment and reselling is part of the Circular Economy. The brochure “How to start a Re-use Shop? An overview of more than two decade of re-use in Flanders”, tells the story of the re-use sector in Flanders. The brochure contains general and practical information which is based on 20 years’ worth of experiences within Flanders. This brochure is the result of the close cooperation with KOMOSIE, the umbrella federation of the Re-use centres in Flanders.

Download the brochure here
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