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Recent years have seen an acceleration of the triple environmental crisis we are facing. We urgently need to put the sustainable management of material resources at the top of the political agenda and at the heart of our actions. With this mind and on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, ACR+ is offering a new vision for circular cities and regions, accompanying it with a strategy towards 2030. The goal is to inspire cities and regions to drive their environmental policies towards sustainable consumption and production models, respecting the planet boundaries and ensuring everyone’s basic needs.

This new strategy is ACR+ call to action for a just, sufficient, and circular transition.


ACR+ vision for circular cities and regions

Vibrant cities and regions where the eco-nomic and the eco-logical systems go hand in hand, through policies aimed at a fair distribution of wealth and resources, a fair access to public services, while guaranteeing positive effects on the environment and public health.

Three principles are for us essential and non-negotiable to enact the transition towards waste-free circular systems:

  • No green ambitions will be achieved without circular economy
  • The transition we need is a just transition driven by the sufficiency principle
  • Cities and regions are at the heart of sustainability action



Making the vision a reality: our mission

Our mission is to provide our members with concrete tools and approaches to enact the transition towards waste-free circular systems in their territories and beyond.

  • ACR+ is at the service of its members
  • ACR+ is the voice of decentralised authorities
  • ACR+ is a gateway to technical data


Our objectives for 2030

By 2030, ACR+ intends to be the go-to source of information and resources for decentralised authorities wishing to achieve and accelerate a just transition to a circular economy.

For that, we have the set the following concrete objectives to reach in cooperation with ACR+ members:

  • Support the adoption of a EU material resources law: by 2030, we want to see the adoption of an EU material resources law covering biomass, fossil fuels, minerals and metals.
  • Push each ACR+ member to develop a circular economy strategy: by 2030, we want 50% of the (relevant) ACR+ members to have adopted a circular economy strategy and the other half to be working in this direction.
  • Break all the "silos: by 2030, we will instigate more partnerships with other key actors/sectors, develop the network in other geographical areas, and support our members in better connecting their own services, fostering cooperation across departments.



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