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The seminar "Climate Change - Local Response to a Global Problem" took place on 1 March 2019 at CascaiShopping, on the occasion of the World Civil Protection Day.
The symposium, which was chaired by the Mayor of Cascais, continued with a first panel on environmental management for citizen’s safety, which featured a speech by the president of ACR+ member Cascais Ambiente. In it, Mr. Luis Capao highlighted the importance of the actions taken by the Cascais Municipality to protect its natural heritage. The involvement of the community was of crucial importance, he added, challenging citizens to a "global effort to combat climate change".
During the same panel, Joao Dinis, who is in charge of climate change and energy strategy at Cascais Ambiente, advocated for the adoption of measures that transform the local territory to better equip it to withstand climate change. One of these measures is the Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change, which was adopted in the municipality in 2017.
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