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Between 26 September and 16 October 2019, ACR+ member OVAM is organising a new series of Ecodesign Challenges together with Flanders Circular. This year, a total of more than 300 students from different study programs are spread over three sessions of two days each. OVAM challenges them to come up with creative solutions to today’s issues that are burning hot. The challenges also focus on the importance of eco-design and let students discover the role of the designer.
The theme of the second Ecodesign Challenge is 'Everyday Life Hacks'. For this, students gather product development from the University of Antwerp with future Idea & Innovation managers from Erasmushogeschool Brussels. Together they investigate how they can hack people's daily habits into sustainable behaviour. The goal: less litter and waste, at home, on the road, at work, or at school.
Source: www.ovam.be (in Dutch)

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