Gijón has collected separately 37.6% of the waste generated during the first four months of 2021 (33,841 tonnes of waste), 4% more than the figures at the end of December 2020. According to ACR+ member EMULSA's statistical data, the fraction destined for recycling that continues to increase the most is organic waste with +35%, followed by packaging +16%; paper/cardboard +13% and glass with +3% while mixed waste decreased by 3%.

EMULSA completed in December the last phase of the extension of the separate organic collection, with the placement of containers in the centre of the city and completing the 1,300 containers distributed throughout the urban area of Gijón. The city now has 9,012 containers, which means one recycling container for every 180 inhabitants and one container for non-recyclable waste for every 89 inhabitants, with an average washing frequency of once every 24 days and 7,375 maintenance actions in 2020.

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