Societal acceptance of new waste management systems: citizen awareness and participation

On 26 Juin 2019

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A proper source separation is the first step towards high recycling performances. To enhance the involvement of inhabitants in waste collection, public authorities have to set a comprehensive system that provides clear information, convenient collection equipment, and relevant incentives promoting sustainable behaviours.

To discuss the topic of societal acceptance and public participation in waste management, the COLLECTORS project invited, on 3 December 2018, to save the date of 26 June 2019 for a public conference, co-organised and hosted by ACR+ member the City of Warsaw. During half a day, local waste players, representatives of different European public authorities, and COLLECTORS partners will share their experiences and solutions to improve citizens' awareness and participation. This conference is taking place at the Copernic Conference Centre in Warsaw, Poland.



Welcoming participants
9.00 Opening of the conference and official welcome of the participants


Presentation of waste management in Warsaw, Franciszek Łapecki, City of Warsaw


Presentation of Collectors

An update on the project’s activities, Tjerk Wardenaar, PNO Consultants


1st panel discussion

Selective collection in multi-family building. How to reach the inhabitants to increase recycling rates?

Keynote speech: Separate paper collection and increasing paper recycling in Europe: a role model for the circular economy – Ulrich Leberle, CEPI

Presentation of local experiences by:


2nd panel discussion

Waste collection systems: organisation and collection schemes to ensure public participation

Keynote speech: ethnographical research on what aspects need to be in place in order to encourage greater levels of recycling in flats – Cathy Cook, London Waste and Recycling Board

Presentation of local experiences by:


3rd panel discussion

Good practices: motivations and incentives to boost recycling rates

Keynote speech: motivation and incentives: what lessons from Flanders? Christof Delatter, Interafval

Presentation of local experiences by:



13.50 Lunch
14.30 – 17.30 Training sessions

Room A: COLLECTORS case study session

Several public authorities, identified as good practices by the COLLECTORS project, will present their waste management system for paper and packaging waste, and WEEE.

Room B: URBANREC training session

Opportunities and challenges for the development of a network of reuse centres in cities. Cooperation with the non-profit sector and social economy organisations.


More information is available on the Project's event page.

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