EPR as an instrument to tackle microplastics pollution? (2)

From 24 Février 2021 14:00 until 24 Février 2021 16:00
At Online
Categories: ACR+ Events

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The EPR Club is teaming up with the European Parliament Intergroup on ‘Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development’ to organise an international conference entitled “EPR as an instrument to tackle microplastic pollution?”.  The event will be composed of two webinars. The first webinar took place on 27 January and was aimed towards problem setting – understanding of microplastics and potential measures to address it. The second webinar will take place on 24 February and will be focused on EPR as policy instrument.

The event, initiated by the EPR Club members ACR+, DSD, and SUEZ, together with EurEau, will welcome panelists from different sectors to share their positions, experiences and questions. Gathering representatives of the EC, the EP, R&D sector, consultancies, IOs and NGOs, producers and more, the event will provide an opportunity for interactive discussion on the rising problem of microplastics.

View the draft agenda.

This event is free of charge and open to all but registration is mandatory.

More information on the EPR Club website.

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