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The LIFE SMART Waste projectSmarter Regulation of Waste in Europe – is an innovative pan-European partnership between key bodies involved with addressing waste crime.

The project is funded under the LIFE+ programme and it runs from June 2014 until May 2019.


LIFE SMART Waste has partnered with Crimestoppers and a range of organisations to launch a campaign to help tackle the issue of illegal dumping of waste in warehouses and farm buildings.

The LIFE SMART Waste project selected the illegal warehousing of waste to test a collaborative approach to design and implement waste crime interventions. As a result of the collaboration, three interventions to reduce the incidence of warehousing in waste crime are planned, commencing with this communications intervention.

As part of the communications initiative, key professional and representative bodies to alert landlords, property owners and businesses to their obligations and responsibilities relating to waste warehousing and storage have been engaged. Land and property owners have a responsibility to ensure anyone leasing their land or property complies with existing regulations.


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