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The LIFE SMART Waste projectSmarter Regulation of Waste in Europe – is an innovative pan-European partnership between key bodies involved with addressing waste crime.

The project is funded under the LIFE+ programme and it runs from June 2014 until May 2019.


The LIFE SMART WASTE project consortium developed a horizon  scanning and predictive  analysis  tool  that  can  be  used  by  regulators,  investigators  and  intelligence  analysts to develop their understanding of behavioural,  market,  technological  and  pollution  trends  in  the  waste  sector. A final version of the toolkit will be made available online soon on the LIFE SMART WASTE project website.

In June 2018, the project partnership published an “Industry Representative report”, aimed to communicate clearly project outcomes to external stakeholders and to start new fruitful cooperations with further public agencies and private waste operators.


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