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The LIFE SMART Waste projectSmarter Regulation of Waste in Europe – set an innovative pan-European partnership between key bodies involved with addressing waste crime.

The project was funded under the LIFE+ programme and it runs from June 2014 until May 2020.



During nearly six years, the LIFE SMART Waste project developed and demonstrated innovative ways of understanding, tackling and reducing the issue of waste crime. For an highlight of this work, read the project’s final newsletter featuring the Layman's report summarising LIFE SMART Waste’s work, results and recommendations; INTERPOL’s strategic analysis report on global plastic waste management; the project’s final conference… It also gives a glimpse of the capacity-building resources that can be used to help predict emerging criminality in waste markets, detect problematic waste operators and enable more effective collaboration to address waste crime. All the resources will be available on the project's website (until May 2025).



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