In 2011, ACR+ launched an online database on Quantitative Benchmarks for Municipal Waste Prevention. This tool, available to ACR+ Members-only, was created in support of the new Waste Framework Directive in order to help local and regional authorities to address waste prevention in their area.

This database now includes 45 detailed quantitative waste prevention examples that show the potential waste reductions achievable at both regional and local level. The waste prevention examples are covering 5 main different waste streams:

  • bio-waste
  • packaging waste
  • paper waste
  • bulky waste
  • other municipal waste
Among the latest cases added to the database, several come from Germany and Austria, with a focus on reusable/refillable packaging, as well as from Portugal, with a focus on fighting food waste.
Take a look at the waste prevention database, an exclusive service to ACR+ Members: Waste prevention database


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