Bruxelles Environnement |TURAS, Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities

From 13 January 2015 14:30 until 13 January 2015 18:30
Posted by Clémence Pricken (ACR+)
Categories: ACR+ Members' events
The TURAS project announced the first of a series of European showcase events, “Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities”.  During the conference, local authorities from Dublin, Stuttgart, London, Rome, Brussels, Aalborg, Sofia and Rotterdam will share their experience on the transition to sustainable development and resilience and will showcase for the first time some of the outcomes of the TURAS initiative to build resilience in European cities.

“Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities” is hosted by Brussels Environment, ACR+ member, in cooperation with EBN, the European Business and Innovation Centre Network ; the event will take place at the new offices of Brussels Environment at Tour et Taxis in Brussels (Belgium) on 13 of January 2015, from 13:30 to 17:30

ACR+ members are invited to participate in the conference and learn more abou<span class="text3">t the wide range of domain-specific instruments that have been developed as a result of the TURAS three-year collaboration with local communities, universities and business networks. Participants will have the opportunity to discover the innovative practices that have been launched for sustainable development and explore the potential for transferring these approaches to their municipality, city or region.

The TURAS project is coordinated by UCD and funded by the European Commission.

Registrations are open until 23 December 2014.

Please, note that the conference will be held entirely in English.

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