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EMULSA | Organisation of an internal technical conference on the models of waste management in Spain


ACR+ member EMULSA will organize an internal Technical Workshop on Waste Management Models in Spain on 21 November. It will feature presentations by other ACR+ members, namely Josep Mª Tost, Director of the Catalan Waste Agency;  Jesus Says,  Director of SADECO (Córdoba) and Carmen Laínez Lagarreta, Director of Waste of Mancomunidad de Pamplona. This conference is organised in Gijon as an action of the European Week for Waste Reduction 2017.

The technical day will be attended by political actors of the City of Gijón, municipal technicians and members of the Local Council for Waste Prevention and Recycling of Gijón, which held its third meeting of the year on 21 September with the participation of representatives of municipal political groups, neighbourhood associations, environmental groups and business groups. The report on the actions taken by EMULSA in the field of waste management was discussed during this meeting.

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