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Madrid | The City Council starts “door to door” collection of glass from hospitality sector

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A new municipal service of “door to door” waste collection of glass from hotels has kicked off in Madrid. This scheme is part of the bigger urban waste plan of the city which came into force last November. The Environment and Mobility Area were responsible for giving out the information and further asking for collaboration from the businesses.

Green bins with an identification sticker were offered to the establishments by the City Council. They should be taken out for emptying according to the set schedule. However only the establishments that are located in the high density area are included in the scheme since the amount of waste produced is also higher, leaving the other businesses in low hospitality density to continue to use the public street containers or work with private companies.

Other new waste schemes proposed are a “door to door” collection in high commercial areas and a separate organic waste collection starting in November.

More information: (in Spanish)