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RE4 project - REuse and REcycling of Construction and Deconstruction Waste (CDW), materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building REfurbishment and construction - is an European project aiming at the development of a fully prefabricated energy-efficient building bade of components containing up to 65% by weight of CDW-derived materials and structures.

The project is currently co-financed by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.


The first edition of the RE4 newsletter was published on 6 September 2017. It introduces the project in more details and provides an overview of its progress and further plans.  

6 months after the kick-off meeting of the RE4 project, the consortium met again on 21 and 22 March, 2017 at Queen’s University Belfast, the UK. Partners from across Europe came together to review, discuss and evaluate the project’s progress and to plan next steps. The first day of the meeting was dedicated to several parallel meetings during which partners discussed the progress done in particular areas of the project. Later that day, participants had a chance to visit the CDE Global and the Creagh company.

To know more about RE4 results and news, check the project website and subscribe to the newsletter.



In order to reach its objective the project will involve the development of several intermediate but self-standing industrial results, like an innovative CDW sorting system based on automated robotics equipped with advanced sensors, a number of prefabricated building components (including connections) based on CDW-derived materials and structures, as well as the related production processes and equipment.



ACR+ will in particular be in charge of gathering data about CDW management regulatory framework and the use of economic instruments as waste taxes, waste collection charges, taxes on raw materials and products, deposit-refund schemes and subsidies and fiscal incentives to improve the performances of the CDW management systems in Europe. ACR+ will also be in charge of some communication and dissemination activities to spread the project results to local and regional authorities: a brochure, a roll-up poster and a project presentation will be created at the beginning of the project and updated based on the project development.


The RE4 project’s leader is Centro di progettazione, design & tecnologie dei materiali (CETMA).

The project gathers partners from all over Europe:

  • ACC  Acciona Infraestructuras sa
  • ACR+
  • CDE global limited
  • CETMA - Centro di progettazione, design & tecnologie dei materiali
  • CREAGH Concrete Products Limited
  • NTUST National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology
  • QUB  The Queen's University Of Belfast
  • ROS Roswag Architekten Gesellschaft Von Architekten Mbh
  • STRESS Sviluppo tecnologie e ricerca per l'edilizia sismicamente sicura ed ecosostenibile scarl