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On the path to zero waste cities: the case of organic waste

From 19 November 2018 13:30 until 19 November 2018 18:00

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Organic waste is a matter of climate, environmental, social, political and economic urgency. It is one of the major elements of waste management for cities, representing an average of 40% of waste. To help regions and cities in their transition to zero waste, especially regarding organic waste, ACR+ and its member Bruxelles Environnement – Leefmilieu Brussel together with Zero Waste Europe, organised a conference entitled "Zero Waste Cities - The case of organic waste". It provided a European overview of some exemplary initiatives in terms of prevention and separate collection of organic waste. This event was part of the European Week for Waste Reduction.

For a review of the conference, you can have a look at Zero Waste Europe's press release.


Download the programme.

Presentations and pictures

You can download all the speakers' presentations here.

Pictures of the day are available here.



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