Workshop on Good practices and lessons learnt on waste prevention

On 16 May 2019
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In the Framework of the EU Green Week, on 16 May 2019, ACR+ member Navarra held a workshop on Good practices in waste prevention at the Delegation of Navarra in Brussels. The Parliament of Navarra adopted a law on waste and its taxation in June 2018 with the aim of developing prevention measures to produce less waste, to implement high-quality separate waste collection and to establish a new taxation system that penalises landfilling and creates a waste fund. During the workshop, organisers introduced the new legal framework, together with good practices in waste prevention. ACR+ members Lipor and Bruxelles Environnement also had the opportunity to present actions developped on their territories.

 The event finished with an ACR+ wrap-up of good practices that could be exported to other regions.


  • 10h – 10h20: The new (2018) Act on waste and its taxation of Navarra and first good results from the implementation of the Law, Raúl Salanueva, Government of Navarra
  • 10h20 – 10h40: Biowaste Prevention: Good Practices developed with the community and for the community, Susana Freitas, LIPOR in Portugal
  • 10h40 – 11h00: Three good examples in the area of waste prevention, Dr Henning Wilts, Wuppertal Institute in Germany
  • 11h00 – 11h20: Brussels actions in the domain of enhancing a zero-waste behaviour within the population, Céline Schaar, Bruxelles Environment  
  • 11h20 – 11h40: Good practices that could be exported to/replicated in other regions, Poalo Marengo, ACR+
  • 11h40 – 12h00: Discussion Delegation of Navarra in Brussels


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