Circular waste management : implementation through innovation

On 14 May 2019
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With the circular economy action plan and the European strategy for plastics from the European Commission, the waste management sector has been challenged, from eco-designing to collecting. Since we have now reached the implementation step, all the stakeholders are required to be pro-active to reach the EU targets. The 2017 Environmental Implementation Review already addressed causes of Implementation gaps and its new coming rapport is the occasion to present a new way to help Member States apply EU environmental law and policies.  In this perspective, we are convinced that innovation is a key tool for the waste management sector, at both upstream and downstream levels. This Green Week partner event aimed to address innovative strategies from both the upstream, with innovative packaging, and the downstream, by innovative collecting plans. Discussing implementation was also the occasion to share experiences and thoughts with circular economy actors from different European countries, as well as Citeo’s European counterparts.  

Therefore, ACR+ and its member CITEO proposed an experts workshop composed of two roundtables:  

  1. Innovation, a key to achieve EU targets?  Entrepreneurs, European eco-organisations and brand owners presenting and discussing innovative solutions and plans with policy makers with regards to EU targets. The discussion presented how the innovation sector and its tools can help to fulfil the coming obligations in terms of collection, recyclability and second raw material integration.  
  2. How can municipalities be an implementation laboratory through innovative waste collection systems? Big cities, entrepreneurs and brand owners which has already teamed up discussing and sharing their best practices to increase selective collection performances (pay-as-you-throw; bring banks; out-of-home collection).

As a conclusion, the event launches the 2019 edition of Circular Challenge – a competition created by Citeo to detect and accelerate innovation within circular economy. We sincerely believe that what is at stake –eg the transition towards a circular economy- requires a cross-sectoral and a cross-border approach. From the start, Circular Challenge has had a global scope but in 2019, Circular Challenge will deepen its international focus thanks to its European counterparts and partners in order to foster synergies and broaden the scope of solutions.

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