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In the framework of the IMPACTPapeRec project, Two eLearning modules have been designed and made available online. Practical and engaging, they focus on two topics: selective collection and recycling.
With the first module, participants will discover subjects such as the EU waste policy and legislation, the different types of collection systems, and an explanation of separate collection of paper and board for recycling. Additionally, they will learn more about the 34 good and best practices included in the Handbook as well as about incentives and policy measures. In the last lesson of this module, tools to help evaluating collection systems on a territory are presented. The second module deals with recycling, explaining its role in the circular economy and in the EU waste policies and legislation. Participants will get familiar with the different grades of paper, the European standard EN 643 on paper for recycling, and the different steps of the recycling process. Each lesson of both modules is accompanied by a quiz which will help participants assess their understanding of the lesson.

The eLearning modules will be presented more in details during the upcoming ACR+ webinar focusing on the IMPACTPapeRec project and taking place on 15 February 2018 (11:00 – 12:00). This webinar will present in a clear way how ACR+ members can benefit from the outcomes of the project and use the practical tools and concrete steps developed by IMPACTPapeRec for improving paper and board collection on their territory.

The full programme of the webinar is available here. The webinar is open only to ACR+ members. To register, please contact the ACR+ Secretariat.

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