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The SCREEN project has developed a preliminary set of criteria to assess circular economy projects.  As the main aim is to develop a user-friendly assessment tool, ACR+ invites all members to participate in the 12-question long survey and provide their feedback in order to contribute to the development of the final set of criteria that could be used by a wide range of stakeholders to evaluate the “circularity” of a project. 

Despite the fact that each regional authority managing structural funds already has its own assessment criteria for the evaluation and selection of projects, specific criteria for circular economy projects are still missing. The criteria to be defined are therefore any additional ones to be used for the sole purpose of evaluating the "circularity" of one project compared to another one and help the evaluators to make a clear and transparent ranking. Such set of criteria will therefore support funding authorities, for instance in the framework of specific calls for projects at local or regional level.

The developed set of criteria is in line with the monitoring framework for the circular economy as proposed by the European Commission on 16 January 2018. 

The questionnaire remains available here until 11 of May 2018.

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