Several new calls for Horizon 2020 proposals were published last week on topics that are very relevant to ACR+ and its members. ACR+ is supporting its members willing to build or join a consortium by facilitating the search of partners. We identified two relevant calls:

The first proposal is an ‘Innovation action’, meaning with a strong input from technical or technological partners (that could be located in your territory) but also with a big room for public authorities. The specific focus of this call is recycling of raw materials from buildings. The deadline is set on 7 February 2019 to submit the concept note.

The second proposal is a ‘Coordination and support action’, which covers the coordination and networking of research and innovation projects, programmes and policies. This specific call is focusing on global cooperation about responsible sourcing for raw material. The deadline is set on 19 February 2019 to submit the full proposal, so no time to lose!

And of course there are still other open calls recently open that we encourage you to have a look at, as some ACR+ members shared their interest:

Interested? Connect to the ACR+ Forum and post a reply in the topic dedicated to the call of your interested, indicating:

  1. Who you are: name of organisation, website, contact person, and email;
  2. Your experience and possible planned actions on the topic of the call;
  3. If you already have an idea of a project on a specific topic and the tasks you are ready to carry on;
  4. If you are aware of an existing consortium on the topic (and if yes, please provide contact);
  5. If you are willing to take the lead on the project so that it fits better with your expectations.

We hope that this search will be helpful and will lead to the elaboration of strong proposals with pro-active partners. And of course if your proposal needs a strong partner able to support knowledge gathering about actions from cities and regions, dissemination and capacity building activities, remember to think about ACR+ as a partner.

The ACR+ Forum is accessible to ACR+ members via the Member Space. Should you have forgotten your password or have problem accessing the Member Space, contact Gaëlle (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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