The CIRCTER Interim Report is now available online and showcases the results achieved until 23 October 2018 within the different research tasks of the project. The report provides a territorial definition of a circular economy and an overview of the main relevant European policies. With a particular attention given to the territorial dimension of a circular economy, it details the regional data collected and produced by the project for European NUTS2 regions and provides summarised information about the 6 case studies. More in-depth information is provided in the report’s annexes.

There is a genuine understanding that intertwined socio-economic and environmental phenomena, along-side effective communication of complex challenges, are some of the essential enablers of sound and effective policies suggested in this report.The report calls for place-based policy approaches that take account of the installed capacities within each territory and promote inclusive and participatory policy design and implementation processes as the best way to unlock the territorial potentials.

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