On 15 May 2019, the official EU Green Week programme started in the afternoon with a session on How to TACKLE the environmental impacts of football and other sporting events. The session brought together many LIFE TACKLE project partners as well as representatives of the Union of European Football Associations, the Spanish team Real Betis Balompie,(Sevilla, Spain), and REVET.
The discussions concluded that football clubs have the power to act as “social megaphones” to bring about a concrete shift of mentality through the campaigning and educative channels the wide world of sport offers. This is not only true for supporters. The adoption of green procurement standards, the continued renovation of structures, and the adoption of new technologies are essential to move toward circular economy.
The session ended with the message that international cooperation is crucial to achieve sustainability goals globally. Not only is international raising awareness more efficient, but through mutual learning and co-creation processes, good practices and opportunities already available shall be shared, fostered and, ultimately, better implemented.
Presentations and Recordings will soon be available here: www.eugreenweek.eu

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