Following the drafting of the LIFE TACKLE project’s Guidelines for the Environmental management of football Events, based on existing good practices from across Europe and beyond, the ten pilot stadiums are enriching them with results of tests carried out, while the national teams across Europe were trying to secure their place in the upcoming EURO 2020.
Among the ten stadiums, two of them are working hard on the implementation of pre-defined measures. The AVIVA Stadium in Dublin wants to improve its already impressive environmental performance by replacing single-use cups with reusable ones. Tested and approved, the stadium management wants go ahead and look at full enrolment of the cups in February 2019, during the 6 Nations rugby competition.

Meanwhile, the Royal Belgian Football Association is looking at a large range of potential improvements, including mobility, waste management with new separate bins, awareness-raising among fans with solutions such as asking fans to collect ten plastic cups to get free drinks, and governance.

Source: https://lifetackle.eu

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