In August, the EURE project will celebrate its first year!  From Spain to the Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania, France, Cyprus and Italy, the EURE partners worked hard during that year to implement a new kind of territorial development, based on sustainable and resource-efficient urban policies. They created local groups made of local authorities’ representatives, experts on sustainable development goals and all interested actors willing to take part in the improvement of regional policies at the urban level. Pick one of the eight summaries prepared in the eight languages of the project and have look at what happened there during the first semester!

Partners are now working on the regional reports, which detail the state of play of urban environmental policy instruments. In addition, partners will develop a joint report about how the funds allocated by article 7 of the ERDF Regulation are being used in their territories. It will correspond to a catalogue of policies, actions and good practices that partners consider as relevant and can support them in the improvement of their own policies and programmes.

To follow closely the project, subscribe to EUREka! and take a look at its first issue. The next one is on its way and it will be published by the end of the month.

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