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Law enforcement agencies now have the possibility to use new detection and collaboration tools and techniques, developed by LIFE SMART Waste, in their fight against waste crime. A new publication outlines these tools, together with the innovative predictive analysis designed and piloted by the project with the support of representatives from regulators, law enforcement, industry and a range of technical specialists. The brochure concludes with a summary of tactical opportunities identified for environmental regulators and the project's recommendations for policy and legislative change at regional, UK and EU level.

The LIFE SMART Waste tools proved to be instrumental in the COVID-19 situation as Natural Resources Wales used high-tech surveillance techniques to tackle unscrupulous waste operators seeking to take advantage of the crisis. Since social distancing prevented officers from using their usual investigation methods, they turned to sophisticated drone technology and satellite cameras and the LIFE SMART Waste tools to help in the tracking of waste criminals.

On another level and in the wake of restrictions on foreign waste imports since 2018, LIFE SMART WASTE partnered with INTERPOL to publish two strategic analysis reports, one assessing the criminal trends observed in the global plastic waste market and one with an additional European focus.




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